Soft Launch 7 – 0.9.14

Soft Launch 7 – 0.9.14

Hello Heroes and Villains! 

A new update will soon be available for all of our early access players. This update brings back old and new features, a new and revamped Battle Pass, character updates, bug fixes and more. Continue reading to learn about everything coming to the game in Soft Launch 7!

To celebrate the release of Soft Launch 7, we will be giving out 300 Hard Cash and Batman as a playable character to every early access player! (Hard Cash will be located in your in-game mail, and Batman will be unlocked upon your first time loading the game!)

Note: Please contact our support team directly for any questions or issues related to the compensation package.

Living World

  • Choice Missions are back and better than ever! Instead of randomly appearing, everyone unlocks a Scanner that can be used to find Choice Missions in unlocked Landmarks.
    • The Scanner has a fixed amount of charges that refresh over time.
    • Choice Missions provide Battle Pass Points to accelerate Battle Pass progress and Hero or Villain Capsule Keys to help recruit specific characters.


  • Android 13 Notifications Support


  • Players are now awarded Batman during the First Time User Experience as he leads the investigation in Gotham!
  • Other smaller changes were made to the First Time User Experience to make it smoother and more engaging.
  • The Battle Pass has been completely revamped.
    • There is now only one reward track (rather than heroes and villains).
    • The player can expect to be introduced to the Battle Pass with a free trial season which gives two free characters!
    • Future seasons will award free characters as well as Capsule Keys to be used in the Seasonal Capsules, which contains new, powerful characters.
    • Battle Pass Seasons are accompanied by a thematic event that will bring players through a story involving that season’s key characters.
    • Quests now include special Battle Pass versions.


  • Work continues in our character team to deliver the starting roster for the worldwide launch!
    • Enchantress’ Power Move has been updated to work better as a starting healer – she now simply heals the whole team.
    • Two-Face’s Power Move has been updated to be more fun and easy to remember – after flipping his coin, he now either creates 4 red tiles or 1 tile of each teammate’s color.
    • Finalizing the design of many characters and enemies to be released soon!
  • The roster’s filter is now organized in a better way. Colors are ordered the same as the color wheel, Faction order is more logical, and Groups are presented alphabetically.

Battle Bug Fixes

  • Tiles trigger passives only once per player phase.
  • Multi-attack triggers passives only once.
  • Do not trigger debuffs if all attacks of a power move have missed.
  • Fixed the revive for player and enemies
  • Fixed the group bonuses for player and enemies
  • Fixed the multi attack when a hit is a dodge
  • Fixed enemies not moving in the battle on a very specific situation
  • Removed the pause button at battle end to avoid breaking the sequence.
  • Fixed Enchantress heal targeting which was sometimes off
  • Fixed the shuffle after replace tile to fix soft lock
  • Close color wheel with back button
  • Fixed the VFX from reactivating after a narrative sequence at battle end.
  • Fixed the blocked input feedback not showing after the battle end.
  • Fixed passives that happen at the start of the battle not triggering.