Soft Launch 8

Soft Launch 8

Hello Heroes and Villains!

We’re gearing up to release the next update –  Soft Launch 8. In this update, our main focus is the return of the new and improved PVP mode. That’s not all though, we have some character updates, new choice missions, general game improvements and fixes, and a bunch more. Keep reading for more details!


  • UX Improvements to Interstitials, Pre-Battle Screen, Quests, Character Tooltips & Character Management
  • New PVP fully implemented with First-Time User Experience, Matchmaking, Battle log, Battle End, a Reward Track & Defense Management flow
  • Tiles that miss an enemy provide an additional charge to the player’s characters
  • Passive Abilities updated: 
  • Improved Characters Passive Abilities
  • Visual feedback on Group Bonuses
  • Status Effects


  • Two new versions of Parademons minions have been added
  • New AI to improve the fun in PVP


  • Streamlined the login flow 
  • Added music variety to the menu screens

General Improvements: 

  • Resolved issues with the Challenges Board
  • Continuous improvement to the Choice Missions
  • PVP Shop economy balancing
  • Balancing improvement for the first 3 sectors of Gotham City

Major Bug Fixes

  • Improvements and fixes to issues blocking players from completing the tutorial
  • Improvements and fixes to issues blocking players during a wave change in battle