Soft Launch 3 – 0.5.21

Soft Launch 3 – 0.5.21

Hello, Heroes and Villains!

Soft Launch Update #3 is just around the corner! This update focuses on quality of life and overall performance improvements, keep reading the notes below for more info:


  • Choice Mission Difficulty Scaling: We’ve changed the way choice mission difficulty is calculated so they are balanced fairly at higher levels.


  • We’ve added some red-dot notifications across the whole game to guide you where your attention is needed!
  • Boss Introduction: Bosses will now be better highlighted when entering a fight.
  • In-battle Narrative: Characters might exchange a few words during fights to spice things up!
  • Battle Wave Transition: A quick animation has been added in between enemy waves, with a special indication when you’re facing the last wave.
  • Variety of User Interface polishes for a clearer experience!
  • Small adjustments regarding the visual indication of the character synergy in menus to help you combine forces and bring the strongest team possible in a fight!


  • Performance and loading time improvements
    • Users will notice a significant performance improvement in various areas of the game for a smoother experience!