Patch Notes – 1.3.11

Patch Notes – 1.3.11

Welcome back, Heroes and Villains! Another update is just around the corner, introducing a brand new character, rebalancing existing characters, a new Raid Boss, updates to the UI, bug fixes, and more! Find the full details on what you can expect from this next update below.


DCHV_1238770972_EN_1920x1080_DC23_MadLove_BattlePass (1)

The Good Ol’ Days Battle Pass Season:

Get ready for a thrilling new Battle Pass Season titled The Good Ol’ Days! Earn exclusive rewards, player titles, resources, and unlock capsules for a chance to acquire this month’s featured characters. 

    • NEW! Harley Quinn from the Mad Love comics: Grab the Gadget Gun to blast a single enemy and remove all debuffs from the most afflicted ally and apply them to the target enemy! If Joker is an ally, remove all debuffs from him and apply them to the target enemy.
    • Nightwing: Utilize his Escrima Sticks to deliver a double blow to a single target, cleansing all debuffs from the most afflicted ally and grant them Dodge Up for two turns! 
    • Lex Luthor: Use the Kryptonite Beam power attack to cast a powerful single attack that extends all buffs by an additional turn for all allies!  
    • Harley Quinn: Flip all buffs to their Debuff equivalent from her target using her Whack-a-Mole power move.

Character Balancing

We want to ensure players have a balanced experience when using their favorite characters and teams. In this balance update, we’ve reworked Two-Face to better reflect the duality of his Coin Flip, producing 2 very different results that players can build around. On top of that, we’ve also made several improvements to other characters in the current roster! 

  • Two-Face
      • Increased the amount of tiles needed to charge his Power Move: Speed 11 to 16
      • Increased Power Move Damage: 55% to 80% per hit
      • Decreased Max Passive Red Tile Spawn Bonus: +12% to +10%
      • Power Move coin flip Heads effect now only converts 3 tiles.
      • Power Move coin flip Tails effect now converts 3 random tiles into a random color other than Red.
        • New Effect: Flip a Coin. If it’s heads: convert 3 random Tiles into Red Tiles. If it’s tails: convert 3 Tiles into a random color besides Red.
  • The Flash
      • Decreased Defense Stat by 13%
      • Decreased Dodge Rate from 40% to 25%
      • Decreased chance to launch a Red Tile when using Power Move from 50-100% to 33-50%
      • Re-ordered Power Move Upgrade Effects
      • Decreased Passive chance to convert a non-Red tile to a Red Tile from 30-50% to 10-30%
      • Passive now can only be activated by Hero allies and cannot be activated by his own Power Move.
        • New Effect: Each time another Hero ally performs a Power Move, there is a 10-30% chance to convert a random Tile into a Red Tile.
  • Superman
      • Increased Power move Damage: 104% to 127%
      • Power Move now inflicts Anti-Heal debuff on target for 2 turn(s).
  • Black Lightning
      • Power Move now grants 10% Power Gauge to all Outsider allies, not just himself
  • Nightwing
      • Increased HP Stat by 7%
      • Increased Attack Stat by 5%
      • Power Move now grants Dodge Up for 2 turns to the Cleansed ally
  • Donna Troy
      • Passive Upgrades now grant x2 the effect: 40-60% to 40-80%
  • Aquaman
      • Power Move cannot be Dodged.
  • Robin
      • Increased Power move Damage: 65% to 79%
  • Amanda Waller
      • Decreased Defense Stat by 11%
      • Increased Attack Stat by 5%
  • Parasite
      • Passive Rework
        • For each buff applied to Parasite, increase his Defense stat by 2-6%. For each debuff applied to Parasite, increase his Attack stat by 2-6%.
  • Cheshire
      • Power Move Rework
        • Attack a single enemy (2 hits). Damage multiplier: X% per hit. If the target is afflicted with Damage Over Time debuff, Extend the duration by +1 turn(s).
  • Katana
      • Passive Rework
        • Each time Katana kills an enemy with her Power Move, she gains Attack Up, Critical Up and Dodge Up buffs for 2-4 turn(s).
  • Nubia
    • Passive Rework
      • Unchanged: Each time Nubia Blocks a Power Move, inflict Attack Down debuff on the attacking enemy for X turn(s). When an ally falls below 50%> of their Max HP, grant them Block Up buff for X turn(s).
      • Reworked: (Lv.2+) When Nubia falls below 50% of her Max HP, grant all Amazon allies Attack Up and Defense Up buffs for 2-5 turn(s)

Raid Boss:

  • NEW! Starting Nov 14th, get ready to embark on an epic battle against Circe

New Features: 

  • Build your own bundle: Offers you the ability to create customized bundles of in-game items catered to your needs!
  • Gauntlet Events: Complete new daily challenges to collect equipment to tier up your characters more quickly. The difficulty of these events is adjusted according to the player level. 

UI Changes: 

We’ve made several improvements within the Events and Mission screen in the game: 

  • Improved visibility in the Chapter Screen. Made several improvements to ensure a clear distinction between Completed, Active and Locked Chapter Screens. 
  • Improved the overall clarity of the Mission List Screen. Including changes to nodes, headers with chapters and no chapters. 

Bug Fixes: 

  • Fixed SFX audio issue when clicking on buttons within the Guild profile menu. 
  • Fixed refresh issue for the enemies list after finishing a match in Assault mode. 
  • Fixed issue with difficulty labels not displaying correctly on Power Rating teams in Assault mode