Release Notes – 1.4.23

Release Notes – 1.4.23

Hello Heroes and Villains! A new update is planned to be released in the coming days. Get ready to embark on a new journey with Ranked Assault mode, our brand new Competitive PvP game mode. Compete in Daily Leaderboards and earn new rewards. We are also adding new Collectible Characters, UI and UX changes, bug fixes, and more. 


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New Battle Pass, Thematic, and Limited Time Events

  • Atlantis

New Collectible Characters


  • Ocean Master – 5 Star Neutral, Purple, Disruptor character, part of the Atlantean group
  • Black Manta – 4 Star Villain, Red, Disruptor character, part of the Legion of Doom group
  • Mera – 5 Star Hero, Green, Support character, part of the Atlantean group

Coming in January to the Battle Pass Gacha

  • Aqualad
  • Dolphin

Plus, new Minions and Enemies!

New Feature:

Ranked Assault: Forge Your Path and Claim Victory!

Embark on an exciting journey with the debut of Ranked Assault – our brand new Competitive PvP experience. Dive into strategic battles, climb the leaderboards, and unlock enticing rewards in this exciting debut of player vs player competition!

Daily Leaderboard 

Now, every day is a chance to shine with our new Daily Leaderboard. Each player gets a chest, and the better you perform, the more your reward multiplies. Challenge others, climb the ranks, and score big to unlock amazing treasures daily! 

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Seasonal Surprises 

Every two months, experience a whole new vibe with our themed Seasons. It’s not just a change of scenery – it’s a chance to grab high-value characters, essential items, and, for the first time ever,  legendary materials. Immerse yourself in new and unique metas as you aim for greatness in each unique Season. Get ready to experience the action like never before!

Ready yet? Join us in Ranked Assault, where epic battles meet awesome rewards. Can you top the leaderboards, secure daily victories, and claim your spot among the best? The challenge is on – let the Ranked Assault begin! 

Material Capsule: Your Gateway to Valuable Crafting Materials!

Introducing Material Capsules – your gateway to acquiring powerful crafting materials! This not only adds a real incentive for Ranked Assault participation but also presents an engaging and rewarding method to strengthen your character. Complete recipes, upgrade your character’s stats, and dive into a new level of gameplay excitement! 

Player Goals:

  • Gain a competitive edge in PvP
  • Obtain powerful material to craft and improve your character gear. 
  • Experience anticipation and excitement while pulling for gear

Explore the exciting range of Material Capsules:

  • Rare Material Capsule (blue)
  • Epic Material Capsule (Purple)
  • Legendary Material Capsule (Orange)
  • Special Epic Material Capsule (Purple)
  • Special Legendary Material Capsule (Orange)

    Get ready to gear up and elevate your gameplay with the all-new Material Capsule feature! Unleash the thrill to pull and collect rare, epic, and legendary crafting materials. Complete your recipes to enhance your characters and witness a boost in their stats. It’s time to craft your path to victory! 

UI/UX Enhancements: Battle Pass and Improved Clarity

  • Battle Pass:
    • Clearer Reward States
    • Capsule Screen – Battle Pass Capsule
      • Character names and star counts are now indicated
      • Highlight which character has an elevated chance
  • Mission Launch Screen:
    • Relocated the battle cost
    • Applied green checkmark on collected rewards
  • Match 3 Game Board Rules:
    • Improved readability of the battle restriction preview
  • Mission End Screen:
    • Now includes an “Improve Your Team” section with roster and Capsule redirection
    • Introduces a variety of congratulatory messages

Experience a seamless and enhanced UI/UX with these improvements, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay journey!

Technical changes:

  • Fix for unresponsive UI after hitting Matchmaking update rate limit in Character Management
  • Fixed the inconsistent timing for players to receive their Character Upgrade Offers when claiming when claiming characters from Battle Pass or the Mailbox

Balancing (Data/Economic) changes:

  • Increased Player Level cap from 50 to 60
  • Increased Gear Tier cap from 9 to 10
  • Updated Group Bonus for the Atlanteans –
    • Old: Bringing members of the Atlanteans group together would increase their attack and defense. 
    • New: Each time an Atlantean performs a power move, a barrier will be applied on themselves.

Major bug fixes:

  • Unresponsive tile board during PvP
  • Unresponsive tile board during Raid 
  • Fixed issue where sometimes users could not train and/or upgrade multiple characters 
  • Fixed issues with beginner offers not showing up 
  • Fixed issue where users could get stuck in the PvP First Time User Experience if they dismissed the GamerID creation screen.
  • Fixed issue where the user could use the train and auto equip button (for gear) and it becomes unresponsive