Patch Notes – 1.2.9

Patch Notes – 1.2.9

Hello Heroes and Villains! 

We’re back with a minor update for DC Heroes & Villains! Unleash the darkness with a new Battle Pass Season, starting October 11th, featuring new characters like Scarecrow, King Shark, and Bane. PVP Assault has been revamped for an immersive experience, visual upgrades to the Events section, and bug fixes! 




New Characters – Part of the Halloween Battle Pass Season:

  • Scarecrow
  • King Shark
  • Bane


  • “PVP Assault” has been tuned up to give the players an engaging experience:
    • Improved Matchmaking
    • Improved defense layout
    • Better rewards and shop offers
    • Improved UI to communicate defense layout
    • Improved defense team recommendation
  • Guilds:
    • Minor sound effects added to the guild screens
  • Events:
    • Visual upgrades to our event banners to differentiate Challenge types.

Balancing Changes

  • Challenges:
    • The Reactant Challenge’s rewards have been updated to reflect difficulty.
    • A bug was fixed and Turn Count Limits have returned to events/challenges.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where some players were losing their Battle Pass progress. 
  • Fixed the rewards for PvP, especially for later levels
  • Fixed bug for players who were getting stuck in the battle with autoplay turned on. 
  • Fixed Raid issue where some users were getting soft locked on the reward screen when getting any sort of network interruptions during the end of a Raid. 
  • Fixed the red dot notification that was stuck on the player profile. We’ve also fixed the red dot issue on quests, and challenges after being completed, as well as guild chat. 
  • Fixed issue where some players were a player level in the main screen was different from the level in the player profile 
  • Fixed issue with the locator no longer showing the name of the gear being searched. 
  • Fixed issue where Beastboy would trigger issues with autoplay and speed options during battles. Also, we have fixed the issue where Beastboy would lose some of his health after transforming during battle. 
  • Fixed UI issue where sometimes the top of the screen would remain lit up.