Patch Notes – 1.1.38

Patch Notes – 1.1.38

Hello Heroes and Villains,

We’re excited to share Guilds and Raids, a new feature to enhance your everyday experience within DC Heroes & Villains. Team up with friends to tackle weekly raid boss events, compete on leaderboards and more! Keep reading to learn more about the new changes coming to the game.


Guilds and Raids

Guilds and Raids are back! Come together with friends to form guilds and participate in weekly raid boss events.

Guild Management System Features:

  • Guild Creation: Name, Description, Icon, Region, 25 members max
  • Guild Roles: Leader, Co-Leader, Basic member
  • Guild Rights: Invite, Kick and Promote Members, Guild edit and Deletion
  • Find Player and Guild
  • Player and Guild reporting system
  • Guild Chat
  • Guild Shop
  • New Currency: Guild Credits – Obtained by completing Raids. It can be used to buy items in the Guild Shop. 

All guild members will participate in original daily battles, fighting a single boss with a health pool shared between all guild members. 

Raids System Features:

  • New Raid Boss Events featuring Superman and Lyssa Drak
  • Raid Boss Tiers: Comes with a difficulty system
  • Raid Boss battles gives access to new chest rewards 
  • Event Guild Leaderboards: During the raid boss event, guild members compete against each other via a guild-specific leaderboard. Members are placed in the leaderboard depending on the total damage they have done to the raid boss during that event