Soft Launch 4 – 0.6.25

Soft Launch 4 – 0.6.25

Hello Heroes and Villains!

The development team has been working very hard over the last few weeks on some major changes for the game. A new way to collect your beloved DC characters, even more technical adjustments to improve performance, as well as a new PvP mode. Keep reading to see what changes are coming in this update, which will be available next week!


Assemble your best team to attack other DC Heroes & Villains players in this new PvP mode! Win matches, get rewards, and progress through the all new in-game League!

  • Compose your attack team by selecting 5 DC characters from your roster.
  • Your defense team is automatically selected from your 5 strongest Heroes or Villains.
  • Win matches and earn trophies to climb the ranks!
  • Earn Gems every day and use Assault Credits to unlock exclusive items in the new Assault Shop.


  • The game economy has been revamped across the game.
  • A game reset will occur upon release of the update. (Every player will start from 0)

Players will be compensated generously with in-game resources based on progression and monetary investment during the soft launch period. Once players have updated the game to the latest release, they will find an in-game mail waiting for them with all the respective compensations.

Please contact our support team directly if you have questions or issues regarding the compensation package. 8


  • The Character Star system has been revamped: Characters are now rated from 2 to 5 Stars to reflect their rarity. Stars can no longer be upgraded.
  • Character Shards are no longer needed to unlock characters—all characters are recruited immediately! This allows you to unlock more characters faster.
  • Character Shards are now only given when receiving a duplicate character and are used to upgrade Passive Abilities.
  • After unlocking all Passive Abilities, duplicate characters are converted into Character Credits (for 2-3 Star characters) or Elite Character Credits (for 4-5 Star characters), which can be used in the new Upgrade Shop.


  • The character recruitment experience has been greatly improved.
  • A special portrait border has been added to some characters in the Roster screen:
    • A gold frame for 5-Star characters.
    • A silver frame for the 4-Star characters.
  • Character Level has replaced Power Rating in the Roster so it’s easier to know which characters can be leveled.
  • Added a Recruit button on the map screen to allow you to get characters much easier.
  • Added a Daily Offers button on the map screen. It was separated from the rest of the Shop to make room for the Assault and Upgrade Shop tabs.
  • Improved item tooltips to be more specific and show your current inventory.


  • The speed for a character to charge Power Moves has been improved.
  • A more noticeable difference between character speed stats.
  • Taunt and Stealth attributes are now fixed and work as intended.
  • Power Moves are now affected by enemy color.


  • Additional device optimization to improve loading times and better game performances.