Soft Launch 5 – 0.7.17

Soft Launch 5 – 0.7.17

Hello Heroes and Villains! 

A new update will soon be available to all early access players of the game! This update brings new balancing and gameplay changes as well as polishing on the technical and performance side of the game. Keep reading to learn about all the changes that are coming to DC Heroes & Villains.

Before we dive into the release notes for the upcoming update, we want to share an updated roadmap, which highlights future releases and a timeline–that is always subject to change–to show the progression of the game.




As we continue to test, change, and revamp various elements within the game, the team has decided it would be best to perform another global reset. Similar to our first global reset in SL4, players will be compensated with in-game resources based on progression and monetary investment during the time played since the last global reset. 

The progress compensation is based on 3 general factors:

  • Account Progression
  • Character Progression
  • Current Currency Balances (for players who like to save their resources)

For our paying users, they will receive gems equivalent to how much they’ve invested in-game leading up to the reset. 

An in-game mail will be waiting for all players with their respective compensations. 

Note: Please contact our support team directly for any questions or issues related to the compensation package.


  • We believe it’s important for new players to feel immediately at ease when playing our game for the first time. This is why we’re constantly looking for new and improved ways to ensure everyone is landing in Gotham prepared for battle. 
  • We revised the order and pacing of the various teaching parts of your first play session to make sure you can play the game to its fullest afterward.
  • We’ve introduced epic battles at the beginning of the game so the narrative is more impactful and players have a chance to try members of the Justice League. 


  • We’ve modified the campaign to be a single track instead of having a separated heroes and villain track. You can bring a mix of both heroes and villains to all the battles in the campaign! This cleans up the amount of information presented on the map so players can find what they want more quickly.
  • This also lays the groundwork for our next update, which will introduce side missions that are hero or villain-specific.
  • The campaign story is being re-vamped in the next version, so some inconsistencies can be expected in this release. 


  • In order to launch with a roster of characters that have a balanced range of Rarities, Colors, Groups, Power Moves, and Roles, we’ve made the following changes to the characters available:
    • Character Removed:
      • CadmusLeader, Regulus, BrotherBlood, Kalibak, Ares, Lyssa Drak, Big Barda, Jessica Cruz, Booster Gold, Dr Poison, Stargirl, Medusa
    • Character Added:
      • Huntress, Joker, Aquaman, Ultra-Humanite, Xebel Soldiers, Atlanteans Soldiers, Amazons Minions, Inmates Minions, Intergang Minions.

Note: The removed characters will later return in the roster once they are properly balanced.


  • To ensure a smoother experience, we’ve taken a look at the different elements happening during a battle and we’ve improved their timing. For example:
    • The technology used to swipe regular gems on the board has been revamped, resulting in more responsive swiping.
    • Special gems take less time to trigger.
    • Reduced the waiting time after healing is applied.
    • Reduced the waiting time after armor is applied.
    • A few visual effect has been polished to improved their timing.
    • Victory and Defeat screen appearance timing has been improved.


  • Recipes to craft gears and the material acquisition to craft those gears have been rebalanced.
  • The campaign rewards were rebalanced due to the Hero & Villain tracks being merged into one.
  • Daily, Assault, Guild, and Hero shop offers have been rebalanced.


  • We’ve added stretch goal rewards! A progress bar has been added to track the amount of capsules opened, with valuable rewards each time the bar is filled.


  • Defeat screen has been reworked and is now clearer.
  • UI in the node menu has been improved to better highlight the possible rewards.


  • All the characters in the game are now using one power move. After consistently hearing feedback that many players didn’t understand the difference between Melee and Ranged Power Moves, we’ve decided to simplify characters to a single Power Move. This should help clarify the purpose of each character and streamline the experience. As a result of this significant change, the Power Move for every character is being re-examined.
  • Battle items are now only usable in Guild Raids.
  • Added new music during narrative phases and in the pre-battle menu.


  • Bootstrap loading time on less powerful device should be greatly reduced.