Known Bugs & Issues – Update 1.4.23

Known Bugs & Issues – Update 1.4.23

Hello Heroes and Villains! The team is investigating these issues following the release of Update 1.4. Please check this thread regularly for the latest updates on the status of the following known issues.


  • Players are experiencing a visual glitch that will display their player level higher than their actual level and/or the new level cap on the new Ranked Assault leaderboard. 
  • Players are experiencing an issue where their push notifications are reminding them to collect the idle chest after they claimed it within Ranked Assault. 

The integrity and fairness of the Ranked Assault leaderboard are of the utmost importance, and in the event that you have suspicions regarding bugs or cheating in the game, please contact us directly by filling out this form so the DC Heroes & Villains team can properly investigate the issue. 

We appreciate your unwavering support, and we hope you enjoy playing the new update!