Soft Launch 9

Soft Launch 9

Hello Heroes and Villains!

Update Soft Launch 9 is just around the corner. In this update we are bringing in a variety of game updates, introducing character voice overs, adding new characters, and a bunch more. Keep reading to learn about the new changes! 

Alongside the release notes, we are also sharing an updated roadmap which includes what we are currently working on, as well as the next upcoming update:

DCHV_1080536204_EN_1920x1080_DC23_Roadmap_UpdateJune02 (2)

Soft Launch 9 Release Notes:


  • New Superman Epic Boss Fight in Metropolis
  • New Character Voice Overs and VFX


  • The Legion of Doom returns with new updated power moves and passive abilities: Gorilla Grodd, Circe, Parasite, Lex Luthor, and Cheetah. 
  • General fixes to the Titans & Birds of Prey Group Bonuses

General Improvements:

  • Updates to Battle Mechanics Tutorials
  • Tweaks to Campaign Progression Balancing
  • Tweaks to Economy Balancing
  • UX/UI Improvements to the Battle Pass
  • Improved Progression Path Visuals
  • Visual updates & Bug Fixing of Choice Missions


  • Ongoing work on our internal Battle Tools
  • Gacha Notification Updates
  • Liveops Products Support

Bug Fixes:

  • PVP Bug Fixing & Balancing Tweaks 
  • Fixes to Game Freezes & Locks in Battle

Known Issues: 

  • Issue of Match-3 battles freezing
  • Unable to retrieve new player titles and achievements