Soft Launch 2 – 0.4.13

Soft Launch 2 – 0.4.13

Hello Heroes and Villains!

Below you’ll find the release notes for our latest Soft Launch update 0.4.13, focusing on new features and game adjustments coming to DC Heroes & Villains.


  • 18 new characters added! Jessica Cruz, Cheetah, Dr. Poison, and many more are now collectible and unlockable!
  • New campaign added: Themiscyra! Come visit Paradise Island, the native land of Wonder Woman!
  • Battle Pass: Earn shards of Katana and Lyssa Drak in an early look at this new feature!
  • New Guild Raid Boss: Introducing Darkseid!
  • New Battle Tiles: The tiles have received a face-lift to better fit the style of the game. This includes newly animated special tiles!
  • Enemy Colors: The health bars and color representation on enemies have been greatly improved so you always know the best color to use against your foes!
  • Improved feedback: When Training, Gearing Up,Tiering Up, and increasing the Star Rank of Characters.
  • Long Tap Feedback: You’ll now see a visual indicator when there’s something you can long tap for more information.


  • Rebalanced the Credits Economy:
    • Training Characters costs fewer Credits.
    • Equipping Gear no longer requires Credits.
    • Adjusted the amount of Credits given in Credit Capsules.
  • Changed the Characters on some Campaign Nodes:
    • New 1-star characters are now collectible and part of the early progression. We wanted to give everyone an easier way to get more characters early.
  • Rebalanced Mission Difficulty:
    • Early missions are generally easier, and the difficulty of the Campaign ramps up more predictably.
    • Choice Missions have been adjusted to be easier. We will be improving Choice Missions more dramatically in the future.
    • A variety of Reputation Missions and Challenge Events are easier towards the beginning of the game.
  • Rebalanced Character Stats and Power Rating:
    • Character stats now increase more reliably at higher levels.
    • The damage formula was improved to scale correctly at higher levels.
    • Character and Team Power Ratings are more accurate.
  • Stability and performance improvements