Release Notes – 2.6

Release Notes – 2.6

Hello Heroes and Villains, a new update is just around the corner. In this update, we’re introducing a brand new obstacle, Rock Tile! We’re also bringing in new characters, various character balancing changes, bug fixes, and more. Keep reading to learn about all the new changes coming in Update 2.6.


New Battle Pass Season: No Remorse

  • The No Remorse Battle Pass Season is currently available in-game! Play now to unlock new characters and earn additional rewards.

New Characters:

Gotham Underworld Group:

  • Punchline: 4 Star, Purple, Warrior, Part of the Gotham Underworld Family
  • Red Hood: 5 Star,  Red,  Warrior, Part of the Gotham Underworld Family

Upcoming characters in July: 

  • Manhunter
  • Black Canary
  • Big Barda

Characters Balancing:

  • Batgirl
    • Increased Passive Dodge bonus from 4-10% to 5-20%
    • Every Passive upgrade now grant +5% Dodge chance
  • Batwoman
    • Increased max Dodge bonus while Taunting from 15% to 20%
    • Every Passive upgrade now grant +5% Dodge chance
  • Joker
    • Increased max chance to inflict Anti-Buff from 60% to 80%.
    • Each Passive upgrade now grant +10% chance, instead of only +5%
  • Blue Beetle
    • Increased the amount of tiles needed to charge his Power Move: Speed 10 -> 11
  • Beast Boy
    • Increased the amount of tiles needed to charge his Power Move: Speed 12 -> 13
  • King Shark
    • Revised Power Move Damage & Upgrade Effects
      • Old effect: If the target dies, 10-20% chance for King Shark to refill his Power Gauge to 100%.
      • New effect: If the target dies, 15% chance for King Shark to refill his Power Gauge to 100%.
      • Increased Power Move Damage: 110% -> 113%


  • Every Raid Boss now has an 11th Tier with even greater rewards!

New Obstacle: Rock Tile

The Rock Tile is a new obstacle on the board. It has no color but can be matched with other Rock Tiles to remove them from the board. When matched, Rock Tiles will not deal any damage or grant any Power Gauge naturally. Only specific characters will be able to create, destroy, or react to the Rock Tile being matched via their Abilities.

Character Abilities Involving Rock Tiles


  • Power Move: Attack a single enemy (1 hit). Damage multiplier: X%. Inflict Lockdown debuff for X turns. Convert all tiles of the target’s color into Rock Tiles.
  • Passive: Each matched Rock Tile grants Medusa a 10% Power Gauge.

Killer Croc:

  • Power Move: Attack all enemies (1 hit). Damage multiplier: X%. Grant Taunt buff on self for 5 turn(s). Destroy all Rock Tiles.

Gorilla Grodd :

  • Passive Part B: At the start of battle, convert 1-4 random Tile(s) into Red Tile(s). When on the enemy side, convert into Rock Tiles instead.

Mythical Creatures + CCM Minions:

  • Cyclops PM: Power Move converts 3 random tiles into Rock Tiles.
  • Harpy PM: Power Move converts 3 random tiles into Rock Tiles.
  • Minotaur PM: Destroy all Rock Tiles and deal 5% Damage to a random enemy for each Rock Tile destroyed.

Group Power Move

Enjoy enhanced strategy and powerful team attacks with the new Group Power Move feature! 

New group Power Move Button

If players want to use the Group Power Move, they can press this new button.


Individual Moves

Players can still tap the character portraits to use single Power Moves.


  • The button lights up when 2 or more characters have their Power Moves available.
  • Pressing the button activates the Group Power Move, triggering the team animation.
  • All available Power Moves will then perform in order from left to right with a 10% damage and healing bonus.
image (11)

Improved tile match

We improved the directional Special Tiles to make them more powerful, while enhancing manual gameplay for a more fun experience.

  • Vertical Tiles
    • Send the entire column, regardless of the special tile’s row.
    • Always sends 5 tiles.
  • Horizontal Tiles
    • Send the entire row, regardless of the special tile’s column.
    • Always sends 7 tiles.
  • Cross Tiles
    • Now send all tiles in the same column or row.
    • Always sends 11 tiles.

Major bug fixes:

  • Adventures
    • Autowin in Adventures will now count towards progress in milestones
    • Fix for an issue where empty segmentation can break the rewards screen
  • Characters
    • Deadshot now creates a tile when getting a critical hit while using powermove
    • Hal Jordan’s passive now properly prevents the transfer of debuff from Ultra Humanite’s passive
    • Red hood now produces red tiles during power move
    • Scarecrow’s initial vulnerability effect no longer affects Raid Bosses when they have vulnerability immunity
    • Superboy will no longer supersize enemies when defeating them via powermove
  • Global
    • Fix for an issue where various assets would be displayed as white blocks
  • Guilds
    • Full guilds are no longer returned in the guild finder unless sought by name
  • Milestones
    • Fix for the red dot on the Event Hub for Milestones not working consistently
  • PVP
    • Fix for an issue causing rate limiting when trying repeatedly to fight a busy opponent
    • Fix for a long loading spinner on each claim of the PVP Competitive chest
  • Quests
    • Fix for an issue where players could be stuck and not be able to progress daily quests if they were logged in when the event rolled over
  • Various stability improvements and minor bug fixes