Version 1.0 – Global Release

Version 1.0 – Global Release

Hello Heroes and Villains!

The team has been hard at work to bring you the first official version of DC Heroes & Villains, now available to everyone globally. This update brings a variety of in-game updates, character balancing, economy & progression changes and so much more. We’ve also recently updated the community on the status of the global reset, which you can read about here. 

Keep reading to learn about all the changes coming to the game

Version 1.0 – Release Notes:

In-Game Updates

  • Players can now use the City Selector to Move between campaign areas faster
  • Players will now earn Portraits and Titles in various reward tracks of the game (ie. Battle Pass). The Player Profile edit screen has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Pre-Registration rewards are now available to collect! Launch the game and head over to your in-game mailbox to claim your gifts 
  • Players can now visit the new campaign map, Themyscira, the home of Wonder Woman and the Amazonians!
  • Various Art & MFX clean ups of the in-game map.
  • Justice League Battle Pass – Starting on July 18th, participate in a variety of exclusive in-game events for a higher chance of recruiting Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter!


  • Guilds are temporarily deactivated. They will come back to the game in a bigger and better state within 2023.


  • Black Lightning
    • Passive Ability New Effect Added: “Outsiders allies with a Barrier are immune to debuffs.”
  • Halo
    • Passive Ability Slight Rework: Vulnerable effect is no longer exclusive to Halo. It now triggers when any ally takes damage with a barrier.
  • Aquaman
    • Passive Ability Description Fixed: Old text did not match the actual effect
  • Ultra-Humanite
    • Passive Ability Description Fixed: Old text did not match the actual effect
    • Power Move Healing increased
  • Cyborg
    • Power Move Description Updated: Should now communicate that he can target enemies with Stealth buff.
  • Parasite
    • Power Move now Taunts (3 turns).
  • Vandal Savage
    • Passive Ability Rework: Immune to Defense Down and Vulnerable (via ability upgrades) but is no longer immune to Anti-Heal.
    • Passive Ability Nerf: Passive healing over time has been lowered (Max: 7% -> 4%)
  • Beast Boy
    • Passive Nerf: Grants less Power Gauge at the start of battle
    • Stat Adjustment: Lower Attack stat, Higher HP, Lower PM Damage
  • Aquaman
    • Passive Ability: Increased odds of triggering Passive effect (Max: 30% -> 40%)
  • The Flash
    • Power Move charges slower but does more damage (Speed: 4 -> 5)
  • Poison Ivy
    • Passive Ability Rework: No longer deals Damage over Time
  • Nightwing
    • Passive Ability Fixed: Should now recognize and trigger for allied Batman
  • Artemis Grace
    • Passive Ability Buffed: Longer Immunity duration (4 turns -> 6 turns)
  • Wonder Woman
    • Power Move Damage decreased
  • Deadshot:
    • Power move Damage decreased
  • Gorilla Grodd:
    • Power Move Damage decreased
  • Superman
    • Passive Ability Rework: Immunity lasts longer without upgrades but is slightly less at max level. The Negative Effects gained when hit with a Kryptonite attacks last longer (3 turns -> 5 turns
  • Splicer (Intergang Support)
    • Color Changed from Red to Yellow
  • All Legion of Doom Characters: Stat distribution have been slightly changed
  • Existing characters like The Flash, Blue Beetle, Raven & Parasite & Livewire will not be accessible at Worldwide. 
    • Players who already have unlocked those characters during the testing phase will be able to keep those characters.

Gameplay (Match-3):

  • Major change to our PVP mode, discover the new flow of Defense Teams to enhance strategy building.
  • The Defense Team is present in one battle phase and advances rows as they are defeated.
  • The order of your characters within the Defense Team is now reflected in battle.
  • Enemies’ power gauge charge is not affected by damage taken.
  • Fail Safe additions to continue reducing the amount of game freeze possibilities in the Battle.
  • New Battle Speed Toggle added, unlocked after completing Chapter 4, Mission 3 of the campaign.

Economy & Progression:

  • Player and Character level increased from level 40 to 50
  • Gear Tier increased from level 6 to 9 with new purple gear materials
  • Increased the number of missions from 4 to 7 in each Challenge
  • Increased the number of Capsules keys to 80 for Choices Missions
  • Two new Epic Fights were added in Themyscira
  • Increased Weekly Chests and Rewards