Long Live The Bat

Long Live The Bat

Step into the darkness and honor Batman’s 85th Anniversary with this gripping limited-time event! Lurk in the shadows as you collect elusive Batarangs scattered throughout the game to unveil exclusive in-game rewards. 

Event Start: May 23rd, 2024

Event End: May 28th, 2024


The Batarangs will grant you access to rewards unique to this event and are concealed across the game. Stay vigilant and search for them in the following places: 

  • Login Calendar
  • Mailbox
  • Daily Chest Rewards
  • In-Store Offers and Unique Bundles
  • Limited-Time Event: Long Live the Bat (found in the Events menu and resets daily)

Moreover, we’re thrilled to reveal the Batcave in the Marketplace, exclusive to this event! Head to the Batcave to redeem Batman-inspired bespoke items with your Batarangs, such as: 

  • Unique portraits
  • Unique Titles
  • Unique Gear Capsule Keys
  • A 5-Star Character
  • Gotham City Capsule Keys to unlock a special capsule featuring all Heroes and Villains from Gotham!

Don’t wait too long—remember to trade in your Batarangs to redeem exclusive rewards. For a limited time, at the end of the event, unused Batarangs and Gotham City Capsule Keys can be converted to credits in the Batcave. Each Batarang is worth 600 credits, and each Gotham City Capsule Key is worth 300 credits. 

Enjoy playing, Bat-fans!