Known Issues – V1.0

Known Issues – V1.0

Attention Heroes and Villains! 

Our team has been made aware of some issues following update V1.0. Below is a list of bugs that have been fixed and are currently being investigated by the team. 


  • Some players encounter an error at the splash screen when using certain language as default
  • Choice Missions do not have a Team Edit button in the pre-battle screen
  • Issues with claiming Milestone chest of daily quests
  • Issues with Multiple Collect of Daily Login Bonus
  • A black screen may sometimes appear when trying to go back from the Event Screen after completing a battle
  • Occasionally the defeat screen won’t show up for players
  • Small number of players are experiencing save issues related to loss in their progress.


  • Adjusted the max rate limit number. 
  • Purchasing an upgrade offer caused users to be stuck on the offer pop-up screen. 
  • Players having issues starting a PVP match. 
  • Old titles causing faulty matchmaking 
  • User sometimes unable to enter a battle / freeze in battle
  • Campaign 2-1 would sometimes block players from progressing after Dr Fate narrative.

We appreciate all of your feedback and will keep this thread updated as we continue to fix the rest of the bugs!