Community Update – April 2022

Community Update – April 2022

Hello, Heroes and Villains!

We wanted to give an update on the current status of the game as we work towards the worldwide launch of DC Heroes & Villains. In recent weeks, the team has been focusing on shifting their priorities to focus on the technical side of the game to ensure a smoother overall game experience.

Due to this shift, the team has decided to push our next Soft Launch Update to May.

We appreciate your continued support as we work towards creating an amazing experience for all of our Heroes and Villains!

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2022 Q2 Soft Launch – Update


:mega: = NEW Content
:house: = Performance Improvements
:crossed_swords: = Battle Improvements
:earth_americas: = Campaign Improvements
:heavy_check_mark: = Known Issues/Fixes

Each update will come with release notes that will give further details on the in-game changes.

NOTE: All content listed in the Roadmap is not final and is subject to change if necessary.

Soft Launch Update #3 (Expected May 2022)

:crossed_swords: – General Improvements: Interface polishing, choice mission difficulty scaling
:mega: – Enhancing the overall storytelling experience
:mega: – Battle Enhancements: Boss intros, in-battle narrative, wave transitions
:mega: – Performance and loading time improvements

Soft Launch Update #4 (TBC)

Another communication with the release date for Update #4 will be published after the release of Soft Launch Update #3 in May.

What are we working on now?

:earth_americas: – Localization – more language options
:house: – Game stability and general art improvements
:mega: – More content (New Characters and Locations)